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# A bit about Fresh

Fresh Equities is making participating in the capital markets simple. Before Fresh, when a listed company was raising capital to grow, whether an investor could participate was dependent on having the right relationship at the right time. Many big supporters of the company were missing out. We are changing the industry by democratising access to these deals through our tech platform.

Since launching just over a year ago, we've captured more than 50% of the deals in the market and supported over $50m in new bids that would have otherwise missed out.

We are extremely proud of the company we have built in such a short period of time. We are a young and high growth team with a big focus on capability over experience.

As a place to work, our focus is on being an inclusive environment, that encourages people to be continuous learning and maintaining their health & wellbeing.

# The Challenge

The financial markets are complicated. There is a lot of information, there are a lot of processes and there is a lot of moving pieces.

Design at Fresh is critical as it takes this complicated reality and makes it simple. This enables our users to focus on the decisions they want to make and reduces the friction for them to execute on those decisions.

As a product designer, you will join the product team and leverage your experience in tackling design challenges across the board. Understanding our users is core and you will be working with our product and operations team to test and gather feedback through the process. We're looking for a designer who cares about solving problems for our users by making them simple.

# The Opportunity

Fresh is a fast growing, product-first company and we are building a team to scale. The opportunity for someone to be a core part of the product team and the seed of the design team. You will be making an immediate impact on the product, this is a mission critical role. This is also the perfect fit for someone looking to become a leader of design projects that range from feature improvements to rethinking entire industry processes.

# The Team

Our Product team is a small group of generalists, made up of full stack developers capable of strategising, planning and executing features. You will be joining as a dedicated designer and work in partnership with the developers to improve our users experience of Fresh.

# The Skills

* Breath of experience in the product development process, from problem definition to detailed UI and visual design
* Experience collaborating with designers, Product Managers and developers
* Proficiency in iterating from low-fidelity sketches to high-fidelity prototypes
* Clear communicator of design work and of the logic and data that backs up decisions
* Comfortable deep diving into experiences through a mix of quantitative data and qualitative interviews

# Within 3 Months

* Get to know the companies value prop and existing user flows
* Learn about the customer journey by shadowing the operations team in their interaction with users. Become comfortable with our existing personas and feel capable of updating their definitions
* Participate in weekly design sprints along side the developers
* Setting up the processes, tools and systems for the design team
* Have one-on-ones with the co-founder heading product
* Know our web and mobile app back-to-front and be able to identify opportunities for improvement
* Design, launch and measure the impact of an improvement to an existing feature
* Participate in your first team strategy off-site

# Within 6 Months

* Research, design and launch a new product feature from start to finish as a feature leader
* Within product, report on the outcomes of design changes and their impact
* Work with the team to update the product roadmap and plan out new features

# Within 12 Months

* Be able to advocate/defend the design view of what is right path for the organisation with professionalism and maturity.
* Proactively identify and unblock challenges in the design to release process
* Participate in the growth of the design team as the organisation continues to scale. Help the team find and evaluate the talent needed to join our team

# The Fresh Story

Fresh Equities launched in September 2018 and has quickly grown to participate in more than 60% of all ASX placements in 2019.

We've grown from 2 co-founders to a team big enough to support thousands of users and more than $50m of bids into listed capital raises.

As we head into 2020, Fresh knows it's mission, has its funding and is building its team to make participating in capital raises simple and fundamentally make capital markets more fair.

We are looking forward to you joining us on this journey.

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