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We are convinced that technology is useless in the education if it is not primarily based on high-quality pedagogic content. We don't want to add layers of technology where it is not needed. On the contrary, we want to provide technoology to the teachers when it is meaningful for them.
We want to help solve problems, not create new ones!

One of our core values is learning. Our team is pluridisciplinary and we want each job to understand each other's issues. IT should understands the needs of the pedagogic team and so should the business team. If we stop learning while working at Frello, then we'd better end the company :)

Also, outside of work and during our breaks, we love talking about movies, music and culture in general. Intellectualizing movies, like John Wick, became the favorite sport of our pedagogic director!
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Software Engineer

Développeur(se) full-stack associé(e)

Posted 5 months ago

Nos métiers
On peut dire que nous avons 2 métiers :
Nous faisons de la création de contenus pédagogiques de FLE (Français Langue Étrangère) à destination des professeurs et de leurs apprenants.
Nous créons les outils informatiques qui permettent aujourd’hui de créer ces contenus et de les diffus...