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solar power product and solar power installation

solar power product and solar power installation

Startup name : Freenergi
Website : freenergi.com

1. What does it do?

Freenergi is a renewable energy startup company based in Indonesia.
We provide solar power installation, provide solar as service, manufacture solar power products to reduce residential customers electricity bill and providing clean energy solutions for indoor and outdoor.

- off grid solar power system
- on grid solar power system
- zero emission generator set

- rooftop solar power installation
- solar power installation for building and apartment
- solar power installation for car, food truck
- solar power installation for farm, village, cadger, outdoor fishing, fishpond, factory, stockbreeding, hotel, pool, outdoor cafe,

Freenergi is an early stage startup. We are looking for potentional investor and cofounder. plese contact us at freenergi.com/page/kontak

2. Why do we need it?

-Free electricity to turn on your air conditioner, refrigerator and other electronic devices
- Lower electricity bill
- Increase your prestige
- Portable electricity for cadger
- Outdoor electricity for fishing ponds, farms, cars
- Electricity generator when power outage occurs
- Zero emission generator set alternatives
- Reduce ozone depletion / global warming

3. Who is it for?
House / office / store / hotel owner.

4. What makes it stand out from the crowd?

- high quality product (sni), better services focusing on long term customer satisfaction
- founded by electricity & electronic expert with high business passion
- large market segments
- high demand for this product and services in indonesia
- customer who buy this product will get discount and exclusive right to buy our next release : hydroelectric power plant and other technology products

5 . What’s next?
We are doing market research & research in technology, electricity,artificial intelligence to produce our next products to solve people problems

jasa instalasi pasang panel surya plts

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