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Kimia Hangafarin

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Freelance graphic designer and social media manager

Julia Korbut

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Freelance designer 🌐💫 Product design, strategy, illustration, 3D, branding. Previously: @Venmo, portfolio: reel:

Mathias Adam

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I’m a designer & entrepreneur working on digital products. (Blackpills, Kayrros,, Cowboy, Spendesk...)

Alessandro Fuoco

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I’m specialized in graphic design and interface design for web, mobile and apps.


Freelance Graphic Designer. Knowledge of the the music industry, fashion/apparel design

Miles Fujimoto

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Experienced in graphic design, photography, and marketing.

Beiatrix Pedrasa

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• front-end software engineer • 2.5 years graphic designer • 2.5 years computer consultant • 7 years freelance multimedia designer • university of michigan grad

Yigit Pinarbasi

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A self-educated designer who worked on projects specialising in UI and UX since 2010 for clients all around the world.

Elena Pasca

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Naturally creative, I have an interdisciplinary background, with a reliable visual sense and strong writing skills.

Kevin Guisarde

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Highly passionate and innovative UI/UX Designer with proficiencies in problem-solving, visual UI design and UX design principles and methodologies.
Worked at Oklahoma State University Marketing Department. Experience in Branding, Web Design and Motion Design. Attended Oklahoma State University.

Erich Hernández

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I have experience in generating pieces of communication that meet specific objectives under development models aimed at stimulating imagination, art and passion

Donald Morton

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Founded CraftedShack (Sold), Founded SysCoding, Constantly Learning - Software Engineering Student at RIT

Jenna Gassier

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A freelance designer with entrepreneurial grit & an empathetic sense for the user's needs, I take pride in articulating delightful, research driven solutions.

Mrunali Shamkuwar

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UI/UX designer with knowledge of Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator along with material design concepts etc.

Bianca Zepeda

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I am an artist/designer from San Diego, CA. When I’m not drawing or designing, I enjoy spending time with my dogs, skateboarding and listening to music.

Genevieve Romano

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Experience with Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Google Analytics, Invision

Jackie Huang

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UX Designer I create intuitive, beautiful and innovative solutions through research and empathy. Portfolio: Email:

Danny Glix

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I care about aesthetics geared for maximum portability.
Designer who thinks out of the box. Brings a unique skill set including, but not limited to, 3D design and fabrication, graphic design, and creative branding.

Gerren Lamson

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Chief Design Officer at Creative Market. Leads product design, brand design, and UX research efforts.

Steven Park

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Product Designer focused on interaction design, prototyping, and user research.

Jose Ramón López

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Mobility Innovator. Automotive/Vehicle/Transportation/Industrial Design. Research, Strategy and Direction.

Juan Martín Lusiardo

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Freelance Web & Graphic Designer. Contact me:

Erin Grunbeck

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Boston College (Carroll School of Management, 2016), Major in Marketing Minor in Film Studies | Currently working as a freelance designer

Aaron Sportack

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UX Designer, graphic designer, wayfinding and signage specialist, CAD Technician.
Solve user-centric problems with minimalism. Help startups build and launch their next product or venture. Prev Enigma; @Innov8 & @WooStays .

Adam Hayman

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Hi, I'm Adam. I'm a multidisciplinary designer based in Columbus, Ohio specializing in user interface, web design, and branding.

Blake Mitchell

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Founded Other7 Longboards, Worked @AKQA @Radical Media @Edelman @Duggal Studied @SCAD Currently working as Freelance Designer

Rohan Kusre

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Designer focused primarily on UX/UI/Branding though I have a lot of experience in editorial design, app design, marketing and creating original infographics.

Léo Targowla

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Graphic designer @Harmony . Freelance Product/Graphic Designer

Surjith S M

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Freelance Web & UX Designer from Incredible India. I design and develop creative websites, landing pages and applications for startups and enterprises.

Jordan Freund

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Designed packaging and hangtags for CamelBak; Revised labels for Lagunitas Brewing Co.; Designed Sales Brochure for Medtronic; Logo and Brand Identity Design.

Breanne Woods

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15+ years experience as a graphic designer. Worked with some of the top designers, galleries and film organizations in the world.

John Burgeson

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Founder @Blocbox. Web and graphic designer. Strategy consultant in another life.

vincent dromer

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Design d'application et de site responsive #Paris #startup


Ranjini YG

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Aera Hoffman

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User Researcher for Skylight

Ihsan Yahya

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Digital Designer with 17 years experience in User Interface & Brand Design and Web development. Passionate about creating great user experiences.

Akanksha Singh

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Freelancer Graphic and UX/UI Designer experienced with tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Animate CC, Figma, Adobe XD.

Dawn Taylor

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I'm a designer of creative solutions and innovative expression. Not only digital design, but print work, handmade processes, video, animation, and more.

Freschta Sahibi

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Carlota Morales

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Industrial and Product Designer based in Madrid, Spain.

Veen Bristow

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Worked as a Graphic Designer for a trophy manufacturer, freelance experience in book design and intern experience with print layout, content creation

Costantine Edward

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Co-founder and Digital marketing manager @Kilimo Smart , Implemented SEO-driven organic strategy which boosted site visits by 200%, sales by 65% in 8 months.

Marko Korolija

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Worked at Freelance Designer. Experience with Adobe xd, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Silviya Mancheva

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Worked at Freelance Designer. Experience with Adobe, Design, Education
Emerging UI/UX designer. Graphic designer. Writer.

Jade Fleming

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Worked at Freelance Designer

Dharmesh Bhatt

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Worked at Freelance Designer

Nicole Follins

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A creative problem solver with a passion for elevating brands through user research and great visual design.
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Board members and advisors

I used to design health programs focused on improving the lives of people. Now I design human-centered technology that influences how companies help people.

Julia Kotulova

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UX Designer and Researcher with a background in UI design. Passionate about solving complex problems and finding innovative solutions.
CEO @Playfold, creator.
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Former team

Maya komar

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Tin Perić

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Vishnu K

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JoyCe Lee

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Christina Thai

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