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Great minds discuss ideas... Freebird is a mobile platform specifically designed to democratize and give traction to the highest form of conversation…that of ideas. Everyone has ideas, but there are barriers standing in the way of even the first steps toward action: lack of connections, time or other resources, embarrassment or fear, lack of sufficient passion and dedication to overcome the barriers. Great ideas to solve problems both big and small never see the light of day. Businesses, governments and societies in general cannot achieve even close to their full potential as long as this is the case. Freebird is the place for ideas that you would like to see happen more than you desire to be the person who gets credit for making them a success. It gives a structured outlet and potential life to the many good ideas that you don’t want to dedicate your life to making happen. These ideas are currently dying and Freebird gives them life. If you care about your ideas…set them free!

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Petr Filipchyk

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Database Developer; Database Architect/Data Modeler; Tech Project Manager; Lead of Tech Project Management Team; Director of $7M/year tech operation; Freebird
Master's in Comp Sci; Developer; Senior Software Engineer; ISSO for LA Health and Hospitals; Freebird
Began career as software developer; managed devs for next 4 years; became Director of $6M/year tech operation; CIO for LA Health and Hospitals; Freebird