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UX/UI Design Intern

$15k – $30k • No equity
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We are hiring a UX/UI Design intern or part time to complement our growing team. This position is ideal for a Master's student studying information science, information technology, human-computer interaction, user experience, or user interface design. You will work with a senior designer (remote) and our product team (local and remote) and do work that ships! Your responsibilities will include:

* UX Design
- Understanding and designing the user experience of aspects of our web, desktop and mobile apps.
- Repidly prototyping solutions for feedback and testing.
- Developing low- and high-fidelity interface mockups for implementation.

* User Research
- Conducting user research on product use. Research methods include data analysis, qualitative interviewing, and using remote research tools.
- Analyzing research to understand the best path forward for design challenges.
- Deeply understanding our userbase and contemplating novel solutions for user challenges.

* General Design Work
- Developing art and illustrations for our suite of products.
- Updating and maintaining our style guide.
- Researching and understanding design trends, so we can anticipate new directions for our product.

Salary will be commensurate with experience. We expect the workload to be about 10-20 hours per week. Our office is in Chapel Hill, NC - you can work either in the office or remotely, but we’d prefer you to be local. Our local staff works some in the office, some remote.

Our company uses a kanban-style product development flow. We will train you on how this works - think Aglie, but less focus on deadlines and estimation. We use Abstract to manage our design repository, and are currently improving our product design flow. This is a great way for you to get hands on experience in the management of complex, consumer-facing design challenges.

We build a mindful-tech product, and are bought-in to the promise of making less distracting technology. We're looking for people who value this approach to technology, and understand the "why." Our team is highly professional and focused, but we're also relaxed and spend a lot of time in the #cats channel on our Slack. We hope you'll consider working with us!

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Fred Stutzman

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Founder and CEO @Freedom • Previously founder @ClaimID.com • Faculty at CMU and UNC-CH • Developer at The Motley Fool, Nortel, Ibiblio.

Alexandra Dempsey

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Communication strategist. I have worked in branding, digital strategy, production, and copywriting for companies such as Elie Tahari, Sageworks, and rAVe Pubs.

Philip Amalong

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Worked at Online Music Network, Freedom