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Stephanie is the CEO and Founder of The Real Economy Effect a investment boutique specialised in private equity advisory for family offices.
      Technology/ Media/ Telecoms/ Finance. Entrepreneur. Non-Exec Board Member. Advisor. Mentor. Investor. Xoogler.


      Monika Chandel

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      QA Automation (Selenium) + Manual Software Tester with around 5 years of experience.
      - banking jobs - risk management, model validation - visiting researcher at Oxford, UCL, Columbia University

      Lisa Leid

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      Peter Edenholm

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      COO / CFO at Fractal Labs. Advisor at Bootstrap Europe, a venture debt fund for VC-backed businesses.

      Jonny Lea

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      Fullstack developer, primarily with backend skills in Java and JavaScript. Experienced API developer.

      Gaurav Katyal

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      Entrepreneurial, disruptive, and profit-oriented product management leader with demonstrated success in launching innovative and engaging products.

      Senhadji El Rhazi

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      Lisa Leid

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      Jerry Taylor

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      CTO of Fractal-Labs; connecting SMEs to capital with blockchain. Previously Growth Street, iwoca & investment banking.

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      Miguel Cardoso

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      Xia Willuhn

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