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21st century last mile logistics


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Invariantes Fund

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Guatemala's first, early stage, SW focused VC fund

Ranch Ventures

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We're a progressive, seed stage investment firm that partners with technically ambitious, high value companies​ to help build the future

The Thiel Foundation

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The Thiel Foundation supports the science and tech visionaries of tomorrow

Jonathan D. Kibera

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Founder @sfr3fund · Founded @Google Express @LiveNeighborly @Mercantila (sold to @Google) · Labored @Epinions · Rowed @Harvard University

Howie Diamond

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Founder, Managing Director @Ranch Ventures Former Marketing/Strategy for YC-backed @Immunity Project Business Development Consultant for @Sparkart Group

1517 Fund

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Investing in companies led by young founders

Jaan Tallinn

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Founder @Ambient Sound Investments. Developed @Skype and @Kazaa.

Mark Pincus

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