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Bringing good identity/security practices to companies of all sizes. Y Combinator S2015.

Senior Software Engineer

$80k – $140k • 0.5% – 2.0%
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Foxpass, a YCombinator (S15) company, is looking for early employees who wish to create software to help companies implement good security practices in their infrastructure. Doing security "the right way" should be easy. Our first product offers SSH key management, LDAP, and RADIUS in the cloud to ensure that engineers and employees use their own accounts to log into servers and wireless networks. Furthermore, we're encouraging companies to make access control API-based, so that access can be given and then rescinded as soon as possible (on-call shift over, JIRA ticket closed, etc.).

We are looking for a senior back-end engineer who has significant (8+ years) experience with building infrastructure software and operating high-uptime, high-performance systems in the cloud.

This is a critically important role, and as such it comes with a large amount of equity attached.

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