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COO @Foxintelligence & Ex-McKinsey Manager
e.g. former consultant now co-founder of FoxIntelligence ! Let's bring the data to the e-retail !
Founder and CTO at Foxintelligence. Business intelligence and Big Data.
CEO @Foxintelligence Former Bain & Company Consultant Former Managing & Founder @Westwing France


Clément Charvet

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ivan sedletzki

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Works at Foxintelligence

Hugo Chaton

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Data Engineer at Foxintelligence

Capucine Columelli

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@ESSEC Business School Paris and @Ensae Paris Tech graduate. Previously @Criteo , @Accenture . Creative and result-driven attitude. Challenge me !

Mathis Clamens

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Product manager @Foxintelligence - European Business School - Le wagon student - photography lover

Guillaume Motte

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Vincent Salahkar

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Full-stack Software Engineer & Product enthusiast – Looking for new opportunities in a tight-knit team, with passionate people having a strong design mindset.

Grégoire Cadé

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Jimmy Gonçalves

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Full Stack Developer at Foxintelligence

Anne Laure Mongin

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Julie Gramer

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Alexia Dupré-Doàn

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Product Designer at Foxintelligence.

Anaïs Bitoun

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I joined Foxintelligence as a Business Analyst in September 2018

winckell benjamin

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JS & C# Unity3d made little games. fan of manga , Kitesurfing.....

Laurin Nabuko Hainy

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Founder @FairMoney Founder @Le Studio • Studied at @Sciences Po Paris ; Passion for Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship.
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Clément Bataille

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Maryse Jean

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