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Transaction-Based Market Intelligence

Transaction-Based Market Intelligence

Foxintelligence is the first company in Europe to provide market intelligence based on real online transactions. We gather and anonymize millions of e-receipts that consumers get in their inbox when they buy a product on Amazon or when they purchase a train ticket online for example. We provide transaction-based intelligence. We believe this is the most reliable and actionable type of insights.

To build our member panel, we designed two apps that offer real services to consumers in exchange of an access to their inbox (we do not sell any personal data, data is fully anonymized).

Cleanfox is a free web platform that enables you not only to delete and unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and subscription emails in only one click, but also to reduce your carbon footprint.
COO @Foxintelligence & Ex-McKinsey Manager
e.g. former consultant now co-founder of FoxIntelligence ! Let's bring the data to the e-retail !
Founder and CTO at Foxintelligence. Business intelligence and Big Data.
CEO @Foxintelligence Former Bain & Company Consultant Former Managing & Founder @Westwing France
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