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The conversational entertainment studio

The conversational entertainment studio

FourFront is ½ entertainment studio, ½ tech startup. We combine real-life actors and AI to pull audiences into a social storytelling experience.

Our app mimics the user´s phone, gamifying everyday apps like messenger, calls, and camera. Think of it as a secret phone within your phone. Users can text with characters, answer FaceTime calls, and find augmented reality clues around them. These are just a few of the core features that make the user personally immersed in the story.

We are part of the growing Virtual Beings space, using AI to create meaningful relationships between users and their content (more about that here: techcrunch.com/2019/07/29/a-guide-to-virtual-beings). Like Marvel’s Deadpool, turning to face the camera, we break the fourth wall, directly engaging the audience in the story. Hopefully, with less expletives.

CTO / Senior Full-Stack Developer

Anna Melamed

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Creative Content Superhero 🦸🏻 | Entrepreneur in practice| Storyteller in spirit| ✍Freelance Author

Ilan Benjamin

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American filmmaker, Israeli author, and Berlin-based founder. Creates experimental entertainment (Virtual Morality, Galatea) and cooks a mean matzoh ball soup