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Entertainment Starring YOU

Entertainment Starring YOU

We are a Berlin-based entertainment startup, making stories starring YOU, the audience. We gamify the apps in your phone to create 1st-person narrative experiences. Respond to text messages, answer calls from characters, face your own selfie deepfaked into CCTV footage -- these are just a few of the features we remix together to make you the hero of your own story. Stay tuned -- your story is just beginning.

Maksim Orlov

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Open for mid- to senior-level Frontend/React Native Developer Positions Worked @Inkitt; @DRVR ;

Anna Melamed

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Creative Content Superhero 🦸🏻 | Entrepreneur in practice| Storyteller in spirit| ✍Freelance Author

Ilan Benjamin

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American filmmaker, Israeli author, and Berlin-based founder. Creates wild viral entertainment (Virtual Morality, Galatea) and cooks a mean matzoh ball soup

Mid-level Backend Developer

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Mid-level Mobile Developer (React Native)

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