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Product Strategy, Design and Development Studio

Scout / Business Development

$50k – $100k
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Fount, a design and development studio, is looking for an individual to assist with prospecting new clients for our growing team of senior engineers and designers. The position is on a flexible, part-time, contract basis. Remote OK.

If you’re currently seeing a lot of opportunities in your network that are a fit for Fount’s services, this is an easy way to monetize your relationships. Simply refer interesting prospects our way - get compensated if they become clients. Keep your full-time job.

Connect us with the right contacts for new design and development opportunities.
Transfer communication and negotiation with prospects as early as reasonable to our Business Development Lead to further evaluate and close.
Maintain direct communication with our Business Development Lead to understand projects that are of interest to our team. We'll keep you current on our team’s availability and skills.
Make a warm introduction to the right person, (not looking for someone to simply forward job postings).

Previous or current experience that could make you a great fit:
You’re immersed in the startup and growth-stage tech scene. You regularly see opportunities where our team could accelerate a company’s roadmap where they are on a short timeline, lack the right resources or are hiring full-time employees.
You’re a freelancer that has a full pipeline of work and could benefit from kicking opportunities our way.
You’ve worked in venture capital and know a lot of funded companies that need help with growth.
You’re familiar with the digital agency world or have a strong network of agencies that occasionally need more reliable and senior-level talent for projects.
Example, an agency handles visual design/creative for clients, but needs app design and development on a project.
Your network includes mid to large brands that don’t have the in-house tech talent available for a one-off project.

How we operate:
Email, Slack, Meet/Hangouts
We have a flexible schedule to set up check-ins on new opportunities and updates, when needed. We’re mostly asynchronous and always respectful of each other’s time.

Percentage of the revenue generated from your leads.

Reply here or email with your background or a link to it. We’ll set up a short call/hangout to see if you could be a fit. If approved, we’ll sign an agreement and you can start sending leads.

More about Fount: fountstudio.com

Email: JD at fountstudio . com

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Jack Dietrich

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Co-Founder of WeeFarers; Founding Partner at Fount

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Product Strategy, Design and Development Studio

Fount focuses on Mobile, Design, Software, and Web Development. Their company has offices in Charleston. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://fountstudio.com or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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