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Expeditions with a purpose to the frontiers of our planet and beyond

Expeditions with a purpose to the frontiers of our planet and beyond

At FoundLost, we believe that this is an innate curiosity that we all possess: to open boxes that we are told to leave closed, to plunge into the unknown and to find ourselves lost.

Our mission is to take humanity to our the very frontiers…. Whether on planet earth or beyond. Because when everything around us is chaotic, we find our inner-calm.

After two years of learning and planning, we designed our expeditions to do three things:
1. Test your mettle. You will push your mind and body further than you thought possible. You will surprise yourself. You will be humbled by nature, what you do and what you see.
2. Hit pause. You’ll unplug yourself from connection, status and conveniences. Your whole life might as well be on standstill, as you find you sense of purpose renewed.
3. Total immersion. Guided by locals at the most remote frontiers of our planet, you will explore and travel through eyes beyond even locals: those of an explorer.

FoundLost is open to invitation only.

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