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We build companies

We build companies

Founders is a startup studio based in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. We take product ideas and turn them into strong independent companies alongside kickass co-founders. We fund all projects for the first 12–24 months meaning we can focus on building — not fundraising!

Our core competencies lie in repeatedly guiding projects along this journey: Idea → Concept → Prototype → MVP → Product → Company. We like to think of ourselves as a platform that stores learnings across all relevant skill-sets each time we build something new - thereby increasing the chances for success next time.

We believe in testing new ideas fast by building prototypes and that we always gain valuable knowledge from prototypes — even the ones that we decide not to move forward with. At Founders a failed project doesn’t have to result in teams splitting up and knowledge and experience being scattered. Our teams can simply regroup and start working on something new right away.

Stefano Zorzi

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Investor and entrepreneur. Building companies with great people @Founders