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World's largest pre-seed startup accelerator



Adeo Ressi

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Founder of The Founder Institute, Founder of TheFunded, Board Member X Prize.


Heislyc Loh

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Rachel Sheppard

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MBA from Santa Clara University, Experience Growing a Global Presence.

Dorian Vought

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Customer Support | Founder Institute
VC @ScienceVest • Fellow @Kauffman Fellows - Syndicate early stage frontier tech & life science companies. Also share deals through - http://www.sciencevest.com/weekly_deal

Andrew Zias

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Marketing analytics expert. SEO, podcasting, & growth hacking experience

Carlos M. DaSilva

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Lisbon Director @Founder Institute , Executive MBA Professor at HEG Switzerland, Author of Entrepreneurial Finance: A Global Perspectivde by SAGE USA.

Carter Laren

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Founder, @Gateway Incubator, Inara Ventures. Co-inventor Blu-ray tech (exit: $70M). Chief Architect, Content Protection, Cryptography Research (exit: $350M).

Cory Wang

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Regional Manager Account manager working with local teams of startup executives to train startups around the world using the Founder Institute platform.

Andrew Crawford

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Founder Institute

Ignacio Castro

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Costa Rican entrepreneur, passionate about technology and innovation. Living in Boston after a too short, but powerful time at MIT.

Vanja Andrić

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director@Founder Institute

Ben Larson

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CEO at Nanogen | Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Gateway

Sanny Gaddafi

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Founding CTO of 8villages.

Kamal Hassan

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CEO, Incmind; Co-Founder, Founder Institute Toronto. Past 15 years in entrepreneurship as CEO (3x), angel (10x), director (4x). Worked at Bain, MBA INSEAD.
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Board members and advisors

CEO coach, serial founder, angel investor, writer. Stanford Biz, Oxford, Singularity, School of Life.
Co-Founder - @Booking Angel , 2nd @Spreets.com-exit to @Yahoo for $40M in 10 months, 3rd @IconPark . Investor @Startmate , @Blackbird Ventures
Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor -Founding team @Qik (acq by @Skype) -SPM Mobile @Skype (acq by @Microsoft) -Biz Dev @Cooliris (acq by @Yahoo)
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Former team

Cagdas ONEN

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Didier Vermeiren

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Diane Ding

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