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We use data and artificial intelligence to solve problems that matter for organisations.

The digital world is undergoing a seismic shift. It’s moving from a reliance on siloed data, lagging and past action metrics to understanding customer intent through the whole user journey. Understanding and predicting what the customer wants at every key moment of their journey, predicting and taking the next best action. In real time.

Fospha is the leader in making every customer journey count. Fospha brings together all your scattered customer data from every journey and interaction into real time actionable insights. Helping organisations identify moments that matter and trigger value the right enhancing actions at the rights time.

We then use real time engagement and prediction to understand customer intent and take actions to influence customer behaviour.

Fospha is part of the Blenheim Chalcot Group an awesome venture incubator with combined sales in excess of £350m, £500m of assets under management. We are based in their 30,000sft venture hub offices, home to a buzzing mix of fast growth businesses. Think a large building packed with some of the smartest digital minds in London.

It’s a unique environment with a support eco-system, that allows us to build a disruptive business at an unprecedented speed.
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Customer Success Executive

How we help our customers

Fospha are a fast growing, friendly team trusted to deliver real impact to businesses wanting to harness their data and optimise their marketing. We use the power of AI to drive multi-touch attribution modelling to provide marketers with an understanding of the end-to-e...


Senior Data Scientist

Fospha is a big data London software start-up, solving pan-industry-vertical business pains. Fospha’s verticals include: Finance, Government, Insurance, Media, Online, Tech, and E-coms.