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Automated Event Planner

Automated Event Planner

FoSho is the first ever automated event planner. Rock Climbing with Uncle Louie? Underground Art exhibit with your neighbor, Jane? A secret concert with your best friend, or maybe a romantic dinner with that cutie in accounting you’ve been trying to talk to. All of these are examples of what your daily event suggestion could be, and you don’t need to do any of the planning or inviting. Just click FoSho when you like an idea, but be warned. If you say FoSho, you gotta go! Flaking out is a strict no-no and "offenders" will be publically flagged while those who are upstanding social attendees will win free tickets to events nearby. Users can also discover new people in their area, fun places to go, setup blind dates, and create their own plans when they need a strong RSVP.

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