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Streams live and on-demand avant-garde boutique fitness classes

Streams live and on-demand avant-garde boutique fitness classes

FORTË is a tech company (b2b), and a subscription based fitness streaming platform (b2c). We have built hardware and software that we install in a studio so they can seamlessly stream live classes directly to our platform. We are creating a Netflix-style hub of leading boutique fitness studio classes worldwide. Right now a boutique fitness studio is confined to the 30 people or so that can attend their class, but with streaming the entire world can be their audience. After a class is live it then goes into our on-demand database for continued consumption.

In order to connect the remote users to the in-studio participants we will be curating all wearables (heart rate monitors, Apple watches, FitBit, etc) on the market to create a live leaderboard. Users will be able to track their performance in real-time, as well as monitor their personal and overall achievements on our social, interactive, and fully immersive platform.


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Founder @FORTË • Worked at @Deutsche Bank, @Cloudview Capital • Studied at @University of Maryland, College Park MVP: https://www.go90.com/videos/3iPpGlhJgjU