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Samvit Ramadurgam

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Founder, Co-CEO @equidate, @Y Combinator alum. Founding Partner @S2 Capital. Previously Co-Founder @Streem (Acquired by Box), Eng @Asana. @Berkeley EECS

Gil Silberman

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Computer engineer (@Princeton University BSE), venture lawyer (@University of California Berkeley JD), operations guy. Early participant @ Craigslist, @OpenTable, and @LinkedIn.

Sohail Prasad

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Founder, President at @equidate. @Y Combinator alum. Founding Partner @S2 Capital. Formerly at @Zynga PM, @Google, @Chartboost, @Cmu. Angel in 2 un& 99+ more


Steven Lin

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A hustler who loves startups and VC; Experience in Investment Analysis and Business Development; Went to Boston University Questrom School Of Business.

Clara Vydyanath

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Heading up operations at Equidate, running deal operations, product initiatives and financial reporting. CPA, CFA, University of Chicago MBA

Anthony Lobko

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Kelly Johnson

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Merritt Quirk

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SVP Global Business Development @equidate Founder @ Darien Capital. @J.P. Morgan alum. @Iese Business School MBA @Georgetown University B.S.

Christine Healey

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Senior Associate at Forge (formerly Equidate)

Kevin Asuncion

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Entrepreneur, Stock Investor and Product Executive

Chloe Shapiro

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Brendan Pinder

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Senior Legal Associate, Forge Global fmr Venture Capital Paralegal, Cooley LLP
Leading recruiting at Forge. Formanly Head of Talent at msg.ai. Recruiting for Engineering and Product at Forge

Anne Mueller

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Philippe Legault

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Senior software engineer at Forge; Master of Computer Science, author of Minecraft plugins with 100K+ downloads; design + theoretical cs. research background.

Jasmine Mansouri

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Advisor @forge-formerly-equidate, former Partner, CAO and Head of Operations @SecondMarket, Associate @Goldmansachs, Worked @BearStearns

Board members and advisors

Investing in early stage technology companies in the US, UK, India and China.
Founder & Managing Partner, @Magnolia Ventures, Partner @SecondMarket (until Jan. 2011)
Advisor @forge-formerly-equidate, former Partner, CAO and Head of Operations @SecondMarket, Associate @Goldmansachs, Worked @BearStearns

Former team

Robert Hilmer

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Anand Kuchibotla

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David Ma

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Taylor Hwang

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Sameer Manek

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Hari Raghavan

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