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Invest with Forefront Venture Partners

Forefront Venture Partners is one of the largest and most successful AngelList syndicates. Our robust deal flow and negotiating leverage, combined with intense due diligence and selective vetting, provide us with a portfolio of many notable, high-growth start-ups.

In short, we are disciplined investors who ask a lot of questions and do a ton of research.

We invest in companies that we believe meet these criteria:

1. Generating revenue with consistent growth
2. Great founding teams
3. Solving a real pain point
4. Proprietary or highly differentiated
5. Enormous potential for growth in large target markets
6. Reasonable valuation reflecting a realistic assessment of the company's progress to date and prospects for success
7. Early evidence of scalable customer acquisition channels, a low ratio of CAC to LTV and a quick time to recoup CAC
8. Minimum available cash runway of 12 months post-close
9. Capital efficient and can scale quickly

Phil Nadel

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Syndicate Lead, Forefront Venture Partners, serial entrepreneur, published author, frequent conference speaker, investor on "The Pitch" podcast.

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