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David Myers

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Genius. Able to solve Impossible tasks instantaneously!

Richard Ayres

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Work at Ford Motor Company

Enoch Tsai

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University of Texas Austin Mechanical Engineering 2015 Data Engineer - Ford Motor Company
UX & Creative Director. Previously Head of Design at Victorious. Lead design, research and strategy for Hulu VR; Lead cross-platform UX and innovation at Hulu

Brian Jurgess

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Currently a software developer for CommonSDN at Ford Motor Company. We develop common APIs utilized by FordPass and various consumer applications within Ford.

Michael Hang

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Sales Zone Manager at Ford

Gregory Spencer

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No-Nonsense Logistics Professional, Insatiably Curious About Analytics, and Proud Spartan.

cole buccafurri

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Rosangela Angelini

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Adam Brody

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer, Graduated from the Rutgers University, Experienced in automotive calibration, CAD, machine shop, and data analysis.

Marouen Gataa

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worked at google

Amy Cell

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Keith Heintzleman

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Board members and advisors

Summary of career accomplishments • Transformation Programs • PMO / PM • Infrastructure • Implementation of WMS for 25 Distribution Centers
Strategic Advisor, Successful Entrepreneur, Global Marketing Innovator

Former team

Maria I. Hernandez

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Akhil Raj

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Dan Schmidt

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Naman Negi

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Marcos Tadeu Albacete de Oliveira

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Aamir Zaki

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