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Catering for high demand restaurants

Catering for high demand restaurants

Foodie For All is a female-founded, women led business. Our mission is to connect high demand restaurants with world-class companies around New York City, changing the way both restaurants and offices feel about catering!

The average restaurant looks at food delivery as a logistical nightmare. Many of them outsource B2C deliveries, but they’re stuck when it comes to B2B. They have no way of handling large corporate orders, resulting in a major loss of income. That’s where we come in. We handle everything from start to finish so restaurants can stick to what they’re good at, cooking the food, while we take care of the rest. This allows our restaurant partners to generate incremental revenue and grow their customer base exponentially.

With this model, we’re able to give our corporate clients access to a curated list of iconic New York City eateries. Having high-demand restaurants delivered to their office improves company culture which ultimately drives overall work productivity.

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Oge Akyil

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Industrial engineer. MBA @Harvard Business School. Former consultant @Bain & Company @Boston Consulting Group. Managed online strategy and BD @aol and @CNBC.