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At FoodByte we are changing the world by making food safer.

Sales Executive

$60k – $70k • 5.0% – 20.0%
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Sales Executive
Job Description

At FoodByte we are changing the world by helping make food safer. FoodByte is an early stage software as a service (SaaS) company, specializing in productivity and management tools for food processors. We make food safer by removing the barriers to obtaining a proper food safety program (knowledge, time, and money). Right now in Canada new regulations (SFCR) and growing pressure from large retailers (e.g. Loblaws) are forcing food processors of all sizes to improve their food safety programs. This has led to many food processors requiring a food safety plan which costs $20-60K and takes 4 months to create by hand. We are currently the fastest way to generate a food safety plan, using our software, consultants have reduced the budgeted time of plan development from 150 hours to 15 hours, which in turn allows them to lower their price.

Job Summary:
We are looking for a hard working seasoned salesperson that has experience with enterprise sales and working in startups. We are confident in our product, but now need a sales team to bring our product to the world and help grow our company. We are looking for someone who can help shape the early vision of FoodByte and bring that vision to the world. Someone confident in their abilities, highly motivated and willing to see things through to the end. Someone who enjoys a good challenge with the promise of high rewards.
Having a strong background selling to the food industry or enterprise or SaaS is a plus. Having a background working with startups is a plus. To start, an average day will see you, connecting with new clients, meeting with clients, negotiating deals, collecting data. As FoodByte grows you will be tasked with overseeing the sales branch of FoodByte, managing other salespeople and leading the sales team. This role provides flexibility, authority, opportunities for personal growth and opportunities to lead the company as it grows.

Duties and Responsibilities:
One clear goal: Sell Service
Refining a repeatable sales process
Making contact with leads and prospects (calls/meetings, 20-40 calls a week).
Communicate how Foodbyte can help solve clients challenges.
Apply prior experience to help refine sales process.
Compile data for executives and propose improvements to the process.
Work closely with the leadership team and provide regular feedback and advice on sales process.
Create and establish excellent relationships with industry influences and partners across Canada.
Maintain regular contact with clients and prospects to ensure their needs are met.
Participate in regular team meetings.
Manage other salespeople.
Maintain awareness of developments in the field.
Attend conferences and trade shows occasionally.
Perform any other work-related duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by executives.
Contribute to build a teamwork environment to motivate and inspire other members within the company, work collaboratively toward vision and goal.

Skills & Qualifications:
Strong sales background and demonstrated experience selling, ideally in a similar area/industry.
Ability to effectively manage other people.
Demonstrates strong and persistent work ethic.
Excellent communication skills, and strong time-management.
Compile data into statics
Work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment demonstrating teamwork, and excellence.
Not afraid to pioneer new ideas or capitalize on opportunities.
Demonstrated understanding of customer and market dynamics and requirements.
Excellent planning and organizing skills
Superb communication skills.
Enjoys creating and maintaining relationships.
Initiative and enthusiasm.

Work scheduled:

Salary & Location:
60k a year, $1000k commission per sales (offer of shares and founder position after evaluation period)

Working conditions:
Office or remote environment.
Some travel is required.
Frequent pressure to meet deadlines.

Start Date: 2020