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At FoodByte we are changing the world by making food safer

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At FoodByte we are changing the world by helping make food safer. FoodByte is an early stage software as a service (SaaS) company, specializing in productivity and management tools for food processors. We make food safer by removing the barriers to obtaining a proper food safety program (knowledge, time, and money). Right now in Canada new regulations (SFCR) and growing pressure from large retailers (e.g. Loblaws) are forcing food processors of all sizes to improve their food safety programs. This has led to many food processors requiring a food safety plan which costs $20-60K and takes 4 months to create by hand. We are currently the fastest way to generate a food safety plan, using our software, consultants have reduced the budgeted time of plan development from 150 hours to 15 hours, which in turn allows them to lower their price.
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Posted 2 months ago

About FoodByte: Is the food you eat safe? Odds are you don't know and the food processor you bought it from does not know either. The majority of food processors don't have an effective food safety program in place, so why are they allowed to sell you food? FoodByte is changing the world by...