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Food tracker app that allows buddy up with coaches and nutritionists

Food tracker app that allows buddy up with coaches and nutritionists

FoodBuddy tracker helps people striving for sport results and healthy lifestyle get leaner, train faster and achieve goals in a way that most top triathletes, marathon runners and endurance athletes kept as secret for years​.
You will be able to make optimal nutrition decision based on 2 rules:
1. Consume just enough carbohydrates and proteins.
By tracking workouts (through Garmin API and Health Kit), users can get just needed amounts of carbohydrate and protein, and don't overeat.
2. Maintain high overall nutrition quality while feeling full.
FoodBuddy ensure 82% of nutrition comes from high-quality categories and the other 18% from the low-quality categories​
Such approach helps achieve feeling of fullness (satiety) without compromising weight loss goal. The app allows to track portions (arbitrary) of Quality Food Categories in every meal and chart them.
Foodbuddy gives opportunity to buddy up with other athletes, nutritionists, and cross-post to social media: Facebook and Instagram
Founder of Food Buddy Services. Strong engineering, business, entrepreneur background. Founded IT Connection 1st telecom startup out of school.

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