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Frank Yu

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Founded @Kwestr, BJ StartupDigest Launched XboxAsia 2003, IE7, 1st China game, Made 1st China iPad game #2 d/l in US Advsr TEDxBeijing Harvard/Rutgers/Army
Director of US Operations at SOSV

Board members and advisors

Investor: @Geltor @Spoiler Alert @ProperFood, Mentor: @Lemnos @IndieBio Product Exec: @Timeful (acq @Google) @Posterous (acq @Twitter)
CTO at ROCeteer; Worked at Evernote; THQ; US Navy Research Labs among others. Strong background both Customer Service and Engineering.
Product hacker. VC, PD, R&D at @dlab by @SOSV focused on crypto, decentralization, open data, blockchains, machine intelligence, and IoT. INTJ. ADHD. OMFG.
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Andrew Ive

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