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Employee recognition SaaS platform (YC W12)


3 rounds
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Zak Murase

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Providing consulting / investment advisory services to Japanese corporations in Silicon Valley. Representing clients investing in startups.

Makiko Sato

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Director&Managing Partner @ISGS Investment Works . Worked @CyberAgent Capital @CyberAgent .

Erik Ford

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Investor, Advisor & Entrepreneur. Early stage leader at Triad Retail Media (acquired), early/founding exec at Boost Media & Kaizen Platform.

Alan Vaynerchuk

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Co-founder: @VaynerSports. Co-founder & Former COO: @VaynerMedia. Partner: @VaynerRSE.

Osuke Honda

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Tech VC investing in US, Japan, Korea and China. General Partner at DCM Ventures

Mikihiro Yasuda

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Partner, Strategic Investment Office@DeNA Founder @Neo Innovation • Worked at @Digital Garage,@Kakaku.com @Open Network Lab @Netscape • Studied at @McGill University

Richard Chen

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International Daddy of Mystery. Investor. Hatena (Board), @Google (PM), @OptoMail (Founder), @Barclays Global Investors (Mktg)

Shinji Kimura

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Shogo Kawada

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Co-founder of DeNA
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