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Earn bitcoin when you shop

Earn bitcoin when you shop

Fold is the simplest and most robust platform for consumers to spend bitcoin in the real world. As the value of bitcoin rises, Fold unlocks the spending power behind this entirely new asset class while making the $140B gift card market more efficient. Thanks to the secondary gift card market powering our in-store payments, we’ve built real-world, on-and-off ramps for the crypto-economy. Unlike traditional exchanges, our model’s low regulatory burden reduces costs. We are high-margin, making 16% per transaction compared to the 0.25-1% taken by exchanges. We started with Starbucks. We have since grown to serve users in 8 countries, exchanging over $2.3M to-date and, in the next three months, we are expanding to 30 top retailers including agreements at companies like CVS, Walmart, Gap, iTunes, Amazon, Dunkin’ Donuts, Panera, and many more.

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Leading @Fold at @Thesis.

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Founder @Thesis building @Keep, @Fold. #bitcoin
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