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Sponsored content marketplace

Sponsored content marketplace

We've built a self-serve platform that allows you to run the best influencer marketing campaigns imaginable. It lets you find influencers, get verified analytics and detailed demographic information about their followers. It lets you pull reports, do competitor research, and find stats on a hashtag, brand name, or interest. It lets you make lists of influencers. You can brief influencers on a campaign, make offers, send emails to groups of influencers, and pull a full report.

We also run managed campaigns. We use technology every step of the way: pricing algorithms to make sure you're paying what you should be; tools that make sure you don't pay for fake followers; optimization for repeat impressions or total unique reach. We work on Instagram, YouTube, blogs, Pinterest, and Tumblr. We give you in-depth reporting, tracking click-through, impressions, engagements, and sales. We run campaigns from $25,000 to over a million dollars, from one influencer to 4,000.

Full Stack Software Engineer

James Nord

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Founder @Fohrcard, former fashion photographer, part time bike racer for Rapha

Richard Tong

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Founder of @Fohr, Former Fashion Director @Tumblr, Founder of @Weardrobe (acq. by @Google via @Like.com ).
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