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FLYTTA is a NEXT GENERATION MOBILITY Platform, offers hassle free logistics and exceptional level of transparency to the customers.

The hassle of relocation had been faced by each and everyone who change their base for the reasons of work, education, etc. So, here is Flytta, facilitating the needs of about 40 million people in India who move to a new destination every year, helping them from renting a house till they settle down.

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Operations Executive (Supply)

Posted 4 months ago
  • Planning, sourcing and signing on Partners for services as per geographies and internal assessments.
  • Working closely with the O & PRM Manager and Growth team to ensure that the Partner stays active as a profitable business unit.

Project Intern

Posted 4 months ago

● To collect the data of objects to analyse the weight, volume and other related details and calculate CFT with an accuracy of 95%.
● Work collaboratively with operation teams and be able to produce the information required in a short time.


Ops Executive (Intern)

Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Sourcing and signing on Partners for services as per geographies based on internal assessments.
  • Closely monitoring execution of day-to-day ops and ensuring reconciliation is done promptly while maintaining data integrity.