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I am passionate about drones since college, and now I literally love every aspect of my job at FlytBase. The work here gives me an immense feeling of satisfaction at a personal level. I get to play with really cool aerial robotics stuff, everyday.
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Vinayak Singh


Kaushik Gala

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Pallavi Bawaskar

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Head of Operations at FlytBase

Abhay Singh Thakur

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Mean stack Developer | Angular 2 + | NodeJs | Express | MongoDb | Mongoose

Vinayak Singh

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Presently working in FlytBase.Inc as UAS System Engineer. Experience with Avionics,UAV designing, C, java . Went to Kalinga Institute Of Industrial Technology.

Utsav Chopra

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✌ I 'm Utsav Chopra, an experienced Internet marketing professional with prior expertise in SEO, growth marketing, marketing automation & performance marketing.

Dhiraj Dhule

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Director of Strategic Projects at FlytBase Inc. M.S. in Robotics @Georgia Tech

Achal Negi

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Head of Business Development Build Commercial Drones Applications with FlytBase ► World's first Internet of Drones Platform

Former team

Shashanka Venkataramanan

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Narayan Sharma

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Hardik Sahu

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aishwarya Pargaonkar

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Karan Uderani

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Kumar Aniket

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