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Enterprise Drone Automation Platform


FlytBase was founded by a group of engineers, researchers, hackers, and thinkers who love to work with aerial robots and strive to make them autonomous. The passion and perseverance of the team to invent new technologies which can impact the world has now led them to a bigger mission. FlytBase is on a mission to help businesses scale their drone operations through automation and connectivity. We are growing fast and we are looking for people who are driven by similar passion, love what they do and want to make an impact in the world.

Our culture makes us what we are, a sense of mutual trust and positive intent drives our organization. It makes you self-start, be authentic and encourages you to take bigger responsibilities. In everything we do, we’re guided by four core values:

Trust your team. Do things that make us trustworthy.

Take initiative. Do the right thing. Exhibit leadership in whatever we do.

Focus on being efficient. Make the best use of resources.

Pursue excellence in whatever we take up. Learn and grow as individuals and as an organization.