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The Intelligent Platform for Airline Revenue Management



Alex Mans

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Entrepreneur. Love Startups, Tech & ✈. Co-founder & CTO @FLYR

Jean Tripier

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20 years in high tech, CEO of mobile travel company WorldMate (sold to Carlson Wagonlit), COO of Good Technology and Visto, COO of Vodafone Romania. Harvard MBA.


Kamil Gałuszka

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Building software engineering teams (hiring to Cracow!)

Hira Zahir

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Worked at FLYR

Reza Alaghband

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15 yrs of Data Science, Economics, Financial Engineering experience in Finance/Investments, Healthcare, Consulting and Travel industry. Led a startup to success

Ian Rhodes

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Hands-on, detail-oriented technical product manager

Oh Jia Zhen

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6 years of Design Thinking Experience. Business Operations, Business Development, Project and Product Development.

Sebastian Jan Łach

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Worked at Leanlab, FLYR. Experience with Amazon Web Services, Automation, Android. Went to Jagiellonian University

Patrick Cockwell

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uWaterloo Graduate in Software Engineering. Interested in and experienced with analytics, DevOps, infrastructure management, and data engineering.

Dan Bendelic

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Resume: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vzASHDzFMvmODjVnWLW7g2ZsAhQSiD69j0vzvQAJzbk

Xavi Serra

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UI developer at Flyr

Sahil Kataria

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Backend Software Engineer | 6+ Years Industry Experience | Extensive Experience Working for Silicon Valley Startups | M.S. in Computer Engineering

Lana Taran

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Experienced project manager in software implementation (agile & waterfall). Implemented PMO and led professional services team for saas travel tech company.

Ryan Shaver

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Philosopher by training and aspiring artificial intelligence modeler.
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Board members and advisors

Investing in #fintech, #insurtech, #proptech, #wealthtech, #Impact Former General Partner at @AXAVentures Funds are managed by Odysseus Alternative Ventures
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Former team

Bruce Lam

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Kevin Berry

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Vincent mercier

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Carmen V. Krol

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