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A new way to travel | Online booking for air taxi flights

A new way to travel | Online booking for air taxi flights

FlyPilot is an online booking and e-hailing platform for private aircraft, making it easier to travel between cities.

Fun, hassle free, no waiting lines, all in the comfort of a private plane.

Our aim is to offer an alternative means of transportation that is reliable, comfortable, fast and easy, in contrast with the
exhausting and time consuming airline flights. The aircraft is private for the users, with total freedom to choose where to go and

The aircraft we will make available will range from small 3-seat propeller planes to light jets, offering a much cheaper alternative
to the usual chartered jets and combining all the operators for these aircraft in a single platform.

Aircraft owners and operators pay a 10% commission over each booking, which is charged to the users' credit cards when booking.

Miguel Carmona

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Co-founder of FlyPilot • Studied at @ISEG

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