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Inside Sales Executive

₹3L – ₹6L • No equity
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Looking for a Nomad, Are you the one?

We are a school of Nomads & Travel Enthusiasts who have pledged to revolutionize the way travel has been perceived in today’s scenario.

We hustle, more hustle & hustle hard... Till we get the things done.

Does it resonate with you in any way?

We are looking for someone, who is willing to travel the world on our expense and nod yes to the following questions.

1. Be able to travel internationally. (no restrictions and hold a valid passport)
2. Are you a storyteller?
3. Can you call someone who doesn't know you and talk to them for 10 Minutes & convince them to meet you?
4. You have a globe in your house, and you keep marking the places that you want to travel to.
5. You know how to read numbers and make sense out of it.
6. You know how to simplify your daily chores so you can relax for more time.
7. You know how to prioritize and have a presence of mind.
8. Can you sell an old pair of shoes to your best friend?
9. You should be able to tag yourself as a salesman, writer, photographer or video editor.
10. Your friends should call you OPTIMISTIC.

If you are good enough and score at least 8 on the above questions. We will wait for your CV with a cover letter to careers@flynote.in

Below are some perks that you might expect if you get selected by our crazy Co-Founders. (Just to clarify, we have 5 Co-Founders)

We describe ourselves as having a professional, yet fun, company culture. We value team members who lead the way, are happy to make our guests' experience the best it can be and enjoy the ride.

• Competitive salary, inclusive of annual leave.
•Extra-money if you do some excellent work
• Comprehensive management training and coaching
• A fun working environment with an excellent team
• Free Snacks & Lunch with 24*7 Coffee

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