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Flight booking made simple. Finally

Flight booking made simple. Finally

flyiin provides travel players with a simple way to build truly user-centric flight booking experiences based on direct connections to their partner airlines. Travel startups, consumer brands, and corporations will use its Airline DirectConnect Platform to design experiences for their travelers to easily search, compare and buy flights and services directly with airlines. Relaunched in 2018, the Berlin-based travel tech company currently works with companies like with Qixxit to help them deliver the level of product transparency and choice long expected by air travelers. Information about flyiin can be found at flyiin.com.

Dániel Vámosi

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Co-founder & CTO of @flyiin. Worked at Digital Natives Hungary, Nokia Siemens Networks, Tigra.

Stephane Pingaud

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Co-founder & CEO of @flyiin. +15 years in airline distribution with Amadeus and as consultant to IATA's NDC program