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Financial Planning for Growing Companies

Financial Planning for Growing Companies

Fluxo is a financial modeling SaaS for startups & SMBs.

Currently the only 2 options for financial modeling are:
- Excel - messy, unstructured, non-integrated;
- Enterprise Software - months to setup, expensive, too complex.

Fluxo is a better option because it combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with a delightful end-user experience.

It's better than Excel or Google Sheets because it integrates with workflows, for example importing data directly from QuickBooks Online (and many more integrations to come).

It's better than Enterprise Software options because it's quick to setup and affordable.

It's better than other startup products because it offers the flexibility of a spreadsheet.

Our product is a web application to create financial forecasting models. Right now it allows you to:
1. Import P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow data from QuickBooks Online or enter it manually, with many more integrations on the pipeline;
2. Forecast financial and operational plans with the flexibility of a spreadsheet, but the organization of a database;
3. Report multiple customized scenarios, assumptions, and key metrics data to your team, board members, or investors.

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Gustavo Martucci

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Co-Founder & CEO at Fluxo - Financial Planning for Growing Companies