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Wikipedia for metadata. With a business model

Wikipedia for metadata. With a business model

Fluidinfo is a universal metadata engine with an object for everything. Regular users, applications and content owners can write, search on, and share metadata about anything. Fludinfo released a UI in Jan 2012, launching 'next generation tagging'. Tag values can be URLs allowing tagging with images, sounds and video, displayed as rich content. Users are able to curate and share their own content on any object. Fluidinfo is aimed at consumers and at enterprise Knowledge Management.

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BSc Systems Engineering. Twice selected for @Google Summer of Code. Open source contributor
CEO, @Fluidinfo. Investment Dir, Semperian & Land Securities (FTSE 100). COO, SMIF. Accountant. BSc Econ.
Founder, CEO @Wesabe. EIR at OATV. Eng. Dir. Organic. CTO Webstorm. Founder, Lucas Online.

Jamu Kakar

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Led the Landscape engineering team at Canonical for 5 years.
Classically trained musician. MA in Phil of Education. Former math teacher. MSc in CS
Apache and Twisted committer. Classically trained musician. MSc in Comp Sci.
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