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The Fluency Score works like a FICO Score for startups.

The Fluency Score works like a FICO Score for startups.

Currently, billions of dollars are deployed based on the strength of a founder’s social capital, pattern-matching, and gut instinct. The results are missed opportunities when founders and deals don’t match those established patterns, and on the other hand, deals like WeWork.

The Fluency Score is a revolutionary new tool for measuring progress, stage, and risk in startups. Like a FICO Score for startups, the Fluency Score algorithm assigns a data-driven score and visualizes the risks and opportunities in a startup’s business model design.

Like any industry with an information asymmetry problem, startup investing will certainly evolve to a more quantitative decision-making approach. Just as the FICO Score is used across all consumer finance decisions, the Fluency Score will be adopted across all early-stage startup and small business financing decisions. A few leading VC firms are already mining company data to gain a competitive advantage.
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