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Legal Weed Delivery at Street Prices



Ted Lichtenberger

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McKinsey consultant turned cannabis entrepreneur. Motivated by helping legacy producers find a home in the legal market, I build supply chains, brand & tech.


Chan Dara Paschal

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Experienced Customer Service Representative who excels at delivering efficient service to ensure solid client relationships and retain customer loyalty.

Evelyn López

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Seasoned Operations Manager looking to entrepreneur for you!
Cofounder @FLOWER CO. Creator & maker. Kids chess & coding teacher, NCAA D1 fencer, burrito herder. Responding to the opioid crisis.

Erica Quini

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Brett Morales

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Growth Manager at Flower Company

Nicholas Reed

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Vendor Management, Final Mile Specialist, Entrepreneurial, Operational Implementation, Worked at Google, Bay Area Native

Angel Veliz

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Blaise Vincent Bark

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Product & Growth Work for Flower Co, Tinder, Disney, and more; with multi-millions of MAUs and 10s of millions of $ in Yearly Revenue Northeastern University

Hunter Moreno

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Jason S. Mow

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Product @ FLOWER CO. Formerly Vetted PetCare, Upthere (acquired by WD), Google, and Microsoft. Penn CS BSE + MSE.

Stella Doyle

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Seasoned communications and operations professional with experience in the technology and art. https://bit.ly/2Kpb34C

Ashley Wilkins

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Marketing Coordinator at FLOWER CO.

Aaron Burnham

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Mark Marder

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Customer Experience Operations for Flower Company

Tyler Vaughn

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Growth Director @FLOWER CO.
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Partner at @Y Combinator. Founded @Wufoo (Acquired by @SurveyMonkey).

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Martine Yemma

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Daniel C Teixeira

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Aaron Burnham

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Brittany Darby

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