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Building a Knowledge Graph of Medicine and Genomics

Building a Knowledge Graph of Medicine and Genomics

Flow Health is a precision medicine platform that transforms the practice of medicine from an art to a science. Flow Health combines artificial intelligence, automation and collaboration under one operating system. The Flow Health system is capable of sifting through massive amounts of data, and can answer patient-level or population-based questions to personalize how care is delivered and reimbursed, and transform how treatments are discovered. For more information, please visit flowhealth.com or follow Flow Health on Twitter: @FlowHealthHQ.

Dmitry Shingarev

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Full Stack Generalist, Architect, @Priceline.com

Robert Rowley

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Founder @GroupMD. Physician and creator of the technology used by Practice Fusion, serving as its CMO until 2012. Health IT consultant 2012-now.
CEO of @FlowHealth

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