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Making value transfer more personal and efficient

Making value transfer more personal and efficient

Transactions matter. At Florin, we treat them better. Making value transfer more personal and efficient.
All you need is a smart phone and a bank account to get started. The first version of our product offers an easy way to request money from your friends, simply by sharing a link. Florin calculates what everyone needs to pay, instantly notifies you when someone has paid and works with every bank.

This is just the beginning. We want to enable you to transfer money in a whole new way. We believe banks look at transactions from an IBAN to IBAN perspective. We see transactions from a person-to-person perspective.
Maker turned entrepreneur
I like to start, build and change things • Drives growth at companies • Making honest email with Soverin • Changing how companies are built with @Backspace
Co-founder at startupstudio @Backspace . Adrenaline junky, startup founder, aspirant angel investor.

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