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1. Love 2. Purpose 3. Health 4. Gratitude 5. Creativity 6. Craft --- ## Love What — leaning into our universal onesness with all. Understanding our connection and acting on it for the well-being of us all. Deeply caring for others, and wanting to be a part of their lives. How — choose to deepen connections. Constantly look to elevate others. Be kind. Practice empathy, compassion, and patience daily at work with yourself and others. Be proactive when you sense tension. Give more than you take. ## Purpose What— imagining a better future, then working towards it. Being grounded in vision. Intent manifest. The bigger picture. Being brave and authentically courageous. Spiritual pursuit. How — make time to reflect on your actions so they align with your vision and goals. Take time to think things through so you act with intention. Be authentic and practice radical candor. --- See more: notion.so/letsenchant/Core-Values-Late-2019-2e577f3701024b5092849cbd85acc545