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Sport prediction leagues (Office pools)

Sport prediction leagues (Office pools)

Today, either you have to be an experienced sport fan to play fantasy sports, settle with outdated sport prediction pool websites or be an expert gambler to know how to place your bets on online sport-books. This creates a very specific player for each type of gaming, however it doesn't consider a more casual sport fan that doesn't want or have the time to spend on this type of games or simply doesn't have the necessary knowledge to play them. FLOK SPORTS is a social sport leagues app. With our platform, we are re-inventing the sports prediction industry and marrying the sports betting platforms with the competitive elements of sport office pools. Players will predict real game scores to earn points and prizes. They will be able to connect with friends to play against each other or with random users as well as the option to play from a single match, to weekly competitions to season long tournaments.

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