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Problems we are solving :-

Product credibility and brand integrity in traditional e commerce:- Is an important factor when considering a purchase
Time and Energy :- Customers prefer to save time and the physical effort needed to go to a retail store and make a purchase
Product research :- the need to read thousands of reviews and feature searches before purchase

Expense:- expenses occurred in supply chain through retail stores(Rent,Manpower)
Product demonstration:- needed to pitch products better and convert more buyers in sales
Social Media Marketing to sell products on e commerce:- the need to provide marketing and information on other platforms to sell products on online marketplaces

Whats Special About us :-

1st player in the market of its kind :- We are the first to Integrate videos and content mixed with a habit forming interface To market products directly to Our buyers also allowing users to sell and cover costs of what They buy.

User Incentive to sell :- Unlike Other companies which just sell products from b2c we also inceltivize buyers to make videos of products and sell them for a commission.

Mobile retail store:-With videos and interactive chat features our users and merchants alike can provide a full retail store experience on the palm of your hand

Ease Of use :- With our Easy to understand User Interface and multiple language option almost any new user can easily get on boarded and learn to use the app and make sales and purchases

Our Culture

We strive to make a working culture where our employees become the companies owners and henceforth big stakeholders in the companies progress and growth, truly creating an interdependent working space where everyone feels like they are running their own operations rather than working under someone else, everyone has a right to their opinion and through teamwork can influence decisions for sustainability and growth
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Software Engineer

Full-Stack Developer(NodeJs,Java android native, I.O.S native Front End/Backend)

We are looking for a highly skilled Full Stack Developer who is comfortable with both front and back end programming in Andorid and I.O.