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Founder of @99designs, Flippa, @SitePoint. 2012 Entrepreneur of the year (BRW Magazine)
Co-Founder @Hired @99designs, @SitePoint, @Flippa. Forbes 30 under 30 & Inc 30 under 30.


David Cornford

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Rebecca O'Connell

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Grant Robson

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Earl Patrick Bajao

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Worked at Flippa, looloo. Experience with Amazon Web Services, Chef, C++. Went to Asia Pacific College

Blake Hutchison

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Frederick Bajao

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TDD advocate, Full-stack Rails Developer; Passionate about learning the current best practices, tools, and languages that push web development forward.


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Works at Flippa, customer support and all the associated work with keeping users safe on an online marketplace.

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Leni Mayo

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Founding investor influx.com , 99designs, flippa, Learnable, SitePoint, elto, mmgn. Software Engineer. http://moniker.net/leni/bio/

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Griffin Sinn, ECA

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Roy Nelson Donor

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Anthony Jewett

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Colin Ward

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Genie Guo

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Genie Guo

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