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Prefab: The smart way to create custom apps

Prefab: The smart way to create custom apps

No-code ease meets open-source power! Prefab apps combine no-code app editors with the extensibility of open source components. Enable anyone to create apps without running up against feature limitations.

Fliplet makes it easy for anyone to create, launch and maintain their own enterprise apps without needing to be a developer. This not only changes who can create apps but also the type of apps that are created. The cost of creating and maintaining apps previously made app creation prohibitive for the vast majority of businesses - the apps simply didn’t get built. Now apps can be built and published to a mobile device within 15 minutes. Updates can be published instantly. The infrastructure, security, data management is all handled for you by Fliplet.

Apps created with Fliplet are used to support key business processes such as communications, business information reporting, training, sales and marketing.

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