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Everyone at Flipd shows up, works hard, and then enjoys their time off. We rarely expect you to work past regular hours, and never on a weekend. This culture was created from the top-down, since our two co-founders, Alanna and Cristian, firmly believe that enjoying your time off is a meaningful contributor to productivity and creativity. That's why we also support and encourage hobbies, side-gigs, and anything else that makes you awesome. If you've got a life outside of work, you can celebrate that here.

Our team is made up of people who may not all be founders but are definitely entrepreneurs: former agency owners, bloggers, Instagram influencers, and innovators in every way. We're also all owners in the business, tied to our company KPIs across departments, so each of us is accountable and responsible to our success.

Our office rituals include:
- Monday SOW Meeting @ 10 AM
- Thursday EOW Meeting @ 5 PM
- Daily team lunch at 1 PM (everyone usually brings a lunch)
- Friday beers every once in a while

More than anything, we're a culture of openness and honesty. We care deeply about involving all of our employees in decision-making and empower everyone with business knowledge. From what we've learned watching other startups grow, we know that aspect makes us special and different.

Perks and benefits

6 Weeks Paid Time Off

All full time employees are entitled to 20 days paid time off, plus 2 weeks worth of holidays.

Daily Breakfast

There's free coffee, tea, cereal, toast, fruit, and more, every single day.

Mid-Day Snacks

There's free veggies, chips, cookies, and other treats at 3 pm every day.

Weekly Free Meals

The co-working space offers free lunches on a regular weekly basis.

Flipd First Thursdays

Every first Thursday of the month we get together for a dinner, see a comedy show, watch a Blue Jays game, play indoor bocce, go axe-throwing, and more.

Annual Race

For two years in a row we've run together in the MEC 5 or 10K.

Prosecco Goals

We celebrate reaching a new milestone or KPI with a bottle of Prosecco a couple of times per quarter.