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Send photos & videos to random people around the world

Send photos & videos to random people around the world

We are Fling. The world’s largest platform for randomised social discovery.

We got tired of Social Networks that connect you to your friends, friends of friends and those in the same location as you. How do you meet new people around the world?

Created in 2014, Fling has achieved incredible growth with 4.5 million users and 50 billion flings delivered in just 16 months, making it the world's largest randomized social messaging app. The userbase is incredibly engaged with 1,515,273 follows and 57,785,166 views last month (October).

Fling lets you share moments from your life with 50 to 500 random people around the world. Other users can then react to you (send you one-way replies) and if you end up following each other you can also start a conversation.

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Founder @Gig FM • Former Founder & CEO at @Fling • Equities Trading at @Credit Suisse • MSci Physics at @Imperial College London
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